• Are we dim or what ?

    Granted, not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims. Whatever some politicians and "thinkers" might want us to believe, our society is not to blame for islamic unrests or terrorism.

    Look at Denmark and Sweden where, despite being the most open societies and mentalities with the most generous grants and benefits in the world, in some cities the police struggles daily with unrests and near civil war situations perpetrated by muslims and in the name of Allah.

    Look at Buddhism in the south of Thailand, where the temples of the most peaceful and consensual religion in the world get burned down, and where Buddhist priests are killed as an everyday occurrence.

    Now look at muslim countries and societies, and you'll see unrests, wars, killings, bombings, fatwas, jihads, in Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Soudan, Egypt to name a few, Chiites killing Sunnies, Hamas people killing Fatah people, Hezbollah imposing itself in Lebanon, etc...

    As far as you can go back in history, the islamic civilisation has always been like that but even then, some idiotic minds in the West still blame it on our colonialism, or on Israel. How stupid are we ? Why can't we look the truth in the eyes ? The muslims are importing their tribal and medieval societies via their religion (and the help of our freedom of religion) in our countries.

    The very different evolutions of our societies make them totally incompatible, even worse, their society openly wants to dominate ours, consequently it should be kept out and treated in the same way the muslims harass and reject other religions on their territories. It's all very nice to be civilized, but when there's a punch up, you better use your fists, unless you want (or like) to get robbed and smacked in the face. 

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