• Is Israel sacrificed on the altar of appeasement ?

    Dear Sirs,

    The debate this morning was too short, and not enough facts were shown/discussed to expose the lies and the real situation in the Middle East. It was so clear that not half of the speakers were correctly and objectively informed, what a shame...

    Dear Edwina Currie,

    I always admired you for your intelligence and straighforwardness, and that is why, after hearing what you said this Sunday morning on BBC TV, I would really like you to have better information about some things in the Middle East.

    Israel's neighbours are not gentle Holland, Germany or Luxemburg. Its neighbours are agressibe undemocratic countries and terrorist entities, financed by hostile countries, who all officially and openly want Israel's destruction and to push all the jews back in the sea (please read Hamas/Fatah/Hezbollah's charters) it's they only reason of being. Neighbours who never miss an occasion to fire rockets at Israel's civilians (now that's a war crime !), send human bombs or attack it's borders and soldiers. "Go and sit at a table and discuss", some say to Israel, "sit with your mortal ennemies", but honestly, unless Hamas/Fatah/Hezbollah durably change their views or their charters, there's nothing much to discuss, is there ?
    The bloccade of Gaza is a farce, go and search for yourself on the internet, here are some verifiable facts (that) you won't find in our media (why is another question):

    1. The Egyptian newspaper Rooz Al-Yousuf, in the words of journalist Muhammad Hamadi, reports that life in Gaza is so much better than in Egypt and that a "bloccade" situation like Gaza's would be a blessing for the Egyptian people.
    2. The W.H.O. has informed in its 2009 report that child obesity in Gaza is 15.9% (10 to 15 yrs old) and even 20.4% in the north of Gaza.
    3. How many "prison camps" have their air-conditioned shopping malls, olympic swimming pools, de luxe restaurants, 3 & 4 star hotels, luxury car dealerships, downtown piazzas with nice fountains, holiday camps for kids, hold lavish weddings, etc...?
    4. According to the UN and other (real) humanitarian & charitable orgs, Gazaeans are now the most subsidised people (per capita) in the world. now don't go blame Israel for what Hamas or Fatah do or don't do with all that money.
    5. Gaza is even EXPORTING produce, such as flowers (carnations), transported to Europe by El-Al, and for sale on big cities' markets.
    6. Last week, some 995 trucks with 22.526 tons of water, fuel, cooking gas, and humanitarian aid passed throught the so-called blocked Israeli checkpoints. That's +/- 12% more than before the "partial lifting"...(compare that to the miserly 73 trucks from the Libyan flotilla...)

    How can some reporters still seriously claim that there's a water shortage in Gaza ?
    How can some reporters still seriously claim that the people in Gaza miss most basic things ?
    How can some reporters still attack Israel for a so-called bloccade, but never say a word about the Egyptian border ?
    Why don't the media report Lord David Trimble's conclusion, just before the release of a report on the Mavi Marmara flotilla affair, that it was pure provocation ? Remember that Lord Trimble is an observer in the inquiry commission about the flotilla. Let's see how many journalists will retract their condemnations of Israel based only on info presented by the terrorists.

    The biggest principle of Western journalism:
    "Third World suffering is only of interest if it can be blamed on the West.
    Third World suffering is the world's lead news story only if it can be blamed on Israel."

    Is that the "open prison camp" David Cameron was refering to this week in Turkey ?
    Here are some sites to discover life in Gaza:


    So many other verifiable and known facts pop-up later and come in total contradiction with the systematic anti-Israel and biased informations we are fed in Europe, but unfortunately for the professional liars, there's the internet. The logical question that comes to mind is: Would there be an orchestrated plot against Israel ? In other words: Is the West sacrificing Israel on the altar of appeasement with Arab countries or Islam ? Like Chamberlain sacrificed Tschecoslovakia on the altar of peace with Hitler ? Another theory is: Maybe our sick economies need Arab money so much more than we dare to recognize ? The latest declarations of David Cameron in Turkey would absolutely fit with this theory too.

    "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last" Winston Churchill

    Because for peace, you see, you must sometimes be ready to fight, whereas for appeasement, you only have to make concessions. The Western leaders have made their choice, they are nowhere pursuing peace, they are indeed pursuing appeasement. Cunningly, they call this appeasement process a peace process for two reasons. First, they know their countrymen don’t like the sound of appeasement. And second, by claiming to be championing the noble goal of peace in our time, they feel free to attack anyone who points out the folly of their actions as a warmongering member of the Israel Lobby.

    So many questions, and I'm not even a politician but only a common taxpayer (and not even a British one at that !)

    I truly hope that my letter has helped you to question the news and the lies we are so generously fed.

    Yours respectfully,

    Tijl Uilenspiegel,
    a European citizen living in Belgium.

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