• Letter to mr Ban Ki Moon

    Mr Ban,
    When just before the last war with Hezbollah, observers from all sides and several little incidents showed that Hizbullah was smuggling and arming itself with light/heavy armament and missiles, most western politicians including UN people closed their eyes and didn't want to know. However, when Hizbullah fired their "unexisting" missiles, and the war started, and lasted, no one doubted anymore about the presence and the quantity of armaments. Some should have been ashamed in 2006.
    And now, in 2010 ?
    We're back in the same situation. With even clearer signs, such as Unifil being attacked and threatened, a truck fully loaded with Grad-missiles being seized by the Lebanese army, the south of Litani river being strewn with arms caches, etc... and yet, the UN top still dismisses all these signs but warns (again) Israël of war mongering !
    Well mr Ban Ki Moon, you may well be considered as the world's "capo dei capi", but if you haven't learned anything from the past and are still unwilling to open your eyes, I'm sorry to say, but your are stupid !

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