• Pakistani doctor who led to Bin Laden jailed for treason in Pakistan


    Did the Obama administration betray its own bin Laden informant?

    Pakistani doctor who led to Bin Laden jailed for treason in Pakistan


    P doctor
    The jailing in Pakistan of the doctor who led the CIA to Bin Laden's hideout in Abbottabad is clearly an outrage. The Pakistani doctor, Shakil Afridi who has been thrown into prison for 33 years for treason, should be regarded instead as a national and global hero for helping run bin Laden finally to earth. His jailing – in a farcical ‘trial’ without a judge or his own lawyer -- is the clearest demonstration that Pakistan, which the west treats as an ally against the Islamic jihad against the free world, is actually its enemy.

    When Dr Afridi was jailed, US security officials expressed horror, as well they might. But was Dr Afridi actually betrayed by the Obama administration itself?

    New York Congressman Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, certainly thinks so:

    ‘King said that the administration gave away the doctor's name and discussed the DNA samples he collected to verify it was bin Laden living in the compound in Abbottabad.

    ‘... King, a Republican from New York, said that Obama's team should not have spoken about the doctor and his program, effectively giving away his identity. “They put him out there,” said King adding that he is unaware of any efforts the administration made to get the physician out of Pakistan. “I'm focused on that they disclosed his identity.”'

    The smell rising from the Obama administration becomes more noxious by the day.

    It also sends the wrong signal to any concerned muslim citizen who thinks of helping the international war on the terror.


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